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When you make unsubstantiated claims in your ads, you are writing under the assumption that people are stupid. A lot of money has been made by giving gullible people false hope. 

The assumption that people are gullible will help you write more effective political advertising, and television infomercials. 

But conning gullible people out of their money is like beating up little children. Iwe can do it, we just don’t want to.

There are two ways to write ads that target intelligent people. The first way is to immediately substantiate your claim with highly credible evidence each time you make a statement of benefit.


EXAMPLE: Black Diamonds. Exotic. Rare. And Beautiful. According to the National Science Foundation A star exploded and sent an asteroid hurtling toward our galaxy a long time ago. That asteroid was more than half-a-mile wide, and it flew through space until it struck the earth. That asteroid was made of black diamonds. 


The second way to advertise to intelligent persons is to use “Magical Thinking,” a style of writing characterized by elements of the impossible woven with a deadpan sense of presentation into an otherwise true story. Magical Thinking goes beyond the realm of exaggeration and moves into the realm of entertainment.

EXAMPLE: Buying your sweetheart a black diamond will make your teeth whiter! Give your car 100 more horse power! You’ll be a better dancer!

If you make untrue statements for the purposes of entertainment  – knowing they will not be believed – you are writing to an intelligent person.

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