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People come to Bare Knuckle Media for the ads

but they stay for the media buy. At Bare Knuckle Media we have always held our media buying cards close to our chest. If we divulged our secrets in media negotiations they would become industry standard and would no longer set us apart from every other advertising consulting firm in the nation.

We reach more people, more times for less than the price of a postage stamp.

Three times New York Times best selling author Roy H. Williams calls Bare Knuckle Media's buyer, Devin Wright,  

"The greatest media buyer in the nation,".

We don't get paid based on how much you spend.

Most, in fact 99%, of all ad agencies charge 15% of your ad budget.

If you hire us, as a team, we take zero commission from your ad spend. We don't care how much you spend. Spend a buck spend a million bucks, we get paid the same.

Our ads in combination with our media buys are truly legendary.

Please read our reviews below

A few clients ONLY want the media buying and not our strategy  or ad writing.

If you simply want media negotiations we would love to help  Simply give us your ad budget and in this case we will invoice 6% of the ad budget then get to work.

Again, below are some endorsements from just a few of our clients.


Media Negotiation Clients


“Devin Wright is one of the most savvy and effective media buyers I have ever met.   The way he buys media is simply the best and most effective process I have ever seen.  Depending on the amount of media you are buying, Devin will save you thousands of dollars a week or a month.  


Working with Devin you will save thousands, and have the most effective schedules you have ever ran.  


Devin, has saved me thousand of dollars, while buying schedules that produce more results than I have ever previously experienced.  If you want to pay substantially less and get substantial more, allow Devin to do your media buying.  He is hands down one of the best.”


 Tom Anelli, CEO of Tom Anelli & Associates

1 800 GOT JUNK

"My original radio buy was done with another buyer, but when I encountered problems with the buy, I was referred to Devin who, I was told, was the best in the business.  I took the advice, and engaged Devin to see what he could do for me.  After a couple of weeks of working the Toronto market, Devin presented me with a proposal that, miraculously, increased the reach, frequency and duration of my campaign, all at a cheaper price than my original buy!
Devin and I are now in our 5th year working together, and my Toronto business has more than doubled.  I frequently have friends and colleagues quoting my radio spots and stating “I hear your radio ads EVERYWHERE!”  I have since engaged Devin to lead radio buys in 5 other markets that I own, and have referred him to several of our largest markets in the system. Without exception Devin has significantly improved our buys, and helped us accelerate the growth of our businesses.  It is now me who refers Devin, with great confidence, as the BEST IN THE BUSINESS!"

Paul Guy- Franchisee Owner.


"I've been working with Devin now for years and he is a true visionary. His charismatic personality , professionalism are just a few of his attributes. He will get the job done and do it to the tenth degree!"  

Desiree Nemati Vice President of Sales and Marketing

On Time Elmer

" I cant afford to advertise on the radio"
No one can afford to advertise on radio if you don't have a professional Negotiator.
You will always overspend and not produce results, Devin will get you the results to save you money and grow your business. Why reinvent the wheel, let the expert Do what he does best, so you can do what you do best.

Elmer Zubiate
Ontime Elmer Plumbing


"Devin is extremely skilled when it comes to finding the best value for his clients as well as negotiating the best rates there are in the business. No matter what budget was given to him he was always able to maximize every penny to give us the largest bang for out buck. He also has a fantastic radio voice! Thanks for all your help! You will continue to receive referrals from me."

Chris Gowing, Owner .

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